Bore Hole Drilling Services:

Global Tech Drilling basically focuses on ground water exploration and development. We do actual borehole drilling in different geological regimes. Our drilling process is optimized to ensure plentiful water flow, and we can consult to determine the best conditions for a reliable source. Our technical teams are familiar with varying rocks of different properties and professionally qualify to drill quality boreholes.

Global Tech Drilling has a fully equipped workshop of drilling tools and equipments to drill in even the most difficult formations in the region. After drilling we install casings, appropriate gravel packing to ensure the long life of the borehole by preventing siltation and eventually perform a Test pumping exercise to ascertain the aquifer characteristics and discharge of the borehole. We also designs and installs appropriate pumping and reticulation systems.

We have drilled many water wells/boreholes for farmers and local communities with an excellent success rate.We offer varied different types of tubewell drilling for domestic and commercial purpose. Drilling from 12″& 18” tube well with up to 600 meter depth depending on the soil and location. See drilling section for the configuration details

  • Residential boreholes.
  • Commercial boreholes.
  • Industrial boreholes.
  • Agricultural & Irrigation boreholes.
  • Mining boreholes.
  • Tubewell Drilling.

Pump Installation Services:

Global Tech Drilling offer services believing in complete customer satisfaction. We are engaged in installing submersible pumps, jet pumps and hand pumps & turbine pumps, controllers, variable frequency drives, and accessories for residential and commercial Purpose.

Installation of pump sets after drilling of bore holes.

  • Hand pumps Installation
  • Jet Pumps Installation
  • Submersible Pumps
  • Turbine Pumps


Global Tech Drilling is one of the leading drilling contractors for the mineral exploration industry in World. “[There is] strong global demand for mining commodities. High capital expenditure reflects a belief by the mining industry of continued demand for African resources and suggest that the surge will continue…

  • Drilling in mining
  • Open Mines

Global Tech Drilling have all the resources required to partner with the mining industry to meet this global demand. Not only do we supply our own state of the art rigs, we have an extensive range of support equipment and the selection is customized to suit each individual job, circumstances and terrain. Combined with decades of extensive drilling experience and specialist knowledge of a variety of drilling techniques, the business has built a solid reputation of quality work amongst mining and exploration companies.

Irrigation Solutions:

Agriculture - The pivot of the World's economy has enormous opportunities and potential. Of all the inputs necessary for a good yield, the most vital is water, which is becoming a scare resource. Realizing the need for conserving water and producing more from a unit area. We are main contractors on irrigation and water systems for Agriculture Lands, Specialist installation and supply of irrigation systems and products.

We professionally install irrigation systems to meet your needs. Our in-ground irrigation systems are hidden for a clean and presentable landscape.

  • Installation of water over head tanks
  • Irrigation/Storage tanks.
  • Agriculture Land Development
  • Drip Irrigation System
  • Rain Water Harvesting System
  • Plumbing Water to Over head Tank

Man Power: 

We have highly qualified and motivated employees as follows

  • Groundwater Specialists
  • Electronic/ electrical engineers
  • Drillers & Assistant drillers
  • Pump technicians
  • Accountants

Training and safety:

Global Tech Drilling is proactive in its approach to quality training and assessment and provides all field staff with Nationally Recognized Qualifications in Drilling. In-house and professional provider training is given in risk assessment, job safety/environmental management analysis writing, safe work at heights, and safety audits, as well as identification of hazards, first aid and forklift certification.